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Counselling & Coaching Services

 Wellbeing  Support

Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and satisfaction.  Maintaining positive wellbeing within yourself and immediate settings can do wonders. Unfortunately, due to negative experiences and feelings, this is not always achievable. 


You might be experiencing feelings of low self-esteem, sense of belong or purpose​. Additional feelings might include a lack of enjoyment, motivation, or confidence.


At Better U Therapy, we can help you with this.

Within our sessions, we provide person centred support while also using strategies from positive psychology and mindfulness.

Stressed Woman
Mental Health Support

Experience with mental health can vary sparking a range of unhelpful feelings and behaviours.


This may include:

- Excessive worrying,

- Feeling constantly overwhelmed

- Feeling depressed or unhappy

- Emotional outbursts & increased anger

- Fixating on preconceived thoughts

- Problems with sleeping & diet

- Experiencing panic attacks, or

- Increased anxiety in social settings. 


Here at Better U Therapy, we offer catered support following a person-centred approach while also engaging with acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-focused therapy and mindfulness.  

Personal Development Coaching

Want to make changes in your life? Feeling stuck? Struggling to adapt to change?

These feelings might be at work, relating to your health & fitness, within your relationships, or other areas of your life.


At Better U Therapy, we can provide structured solution-based support. Within our sessions, we focus on defining and discussing the problem, unpacking motivation, identifying strengths and setting goals.

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Smiling Teenage Boy
Child & Youth Counselling Support

We at Better U Therapy provide counselling support specific to the challenges facing young people. Our supportive environment invites young people to be able to express their feelings and emotions in a safe place free of judgement.


We support with issues of:

  • Anger, guilt and blame

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Processing trauma

  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Increase resilience

  • Self regulation and coping skills

  • Increasing confidence 

  • Improving emotional stability

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